8 Common Countertop Materials [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, your countertops should be a focal point. While many homeowners choose kitchen countertops solely on the way they look, other important factors to consider include your budget and how much cooking you plan to do.


Eight Custom Ideas You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Kitchen

While you might not consider it to be at first, the kitchen is actually one of the most exciting rooms in your house. Just think of all the things you can do in your kitchen, including preparing delicious home cooked meals from scratch. There are so many amazing appliances and gadgets you can use in your kitchen, that there are probably some things you didn’t even know you needed.

If you’re considering having your kitchen remodeled, there are also quite a few clever details you might not have thought about that are worthy of your consideration. These will make your time in the kitchen that much easier, so check them out and see which ones you want to incorporate into your kitchen.

1. Cutting boards that are built-in and pull out like drawers. If you really want to do it right, have a hole put in the cutting board with a trash can underneath.

2. If you have a kitchen island, have a table on wheels built in so you can pull it out from under the island for more counter space.

3. Instead of a lazy susan, add drawers to the corners of your cabinets and counters.

4. Have a pull-out knife block installed in the space between the oven and cabinets.

5. A pull-out cabinet made specifically for trash and recycling bins with storage space for trash bags.

6. Kitchen drawers that contain pegs so you can keep plates and cups from sliding out of place.

7. A built-in sliding panel behind your stove to store spices, or a custom drawer insert to easily sort and find spices.

8. A custom cabinet that contains your microwave, coffee maker, blender, and other small appliances to free up counter space.

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these ideas into your new kitchen, contact Rochester Bath Remodeling today by calling us at 585-381-1320.

Household Tips to Be More Efficient

You’ve probably heard of or possibly invented some clever ways to make your household more efficient. There are plenty of great tips you may have never thought of to make things easier for you, so check out this list of household tips for the kitchen and the rest of the house.

In the Kitchen

· Storing brown sugar with a couple marshmallows will help keep it soft

· To get rid of unpleasant smells in the kitchen, boil some orange peels and cloves

· Prevent splattering by using a paper plate as a bowl cover with an electric whisk

· Try making grilled cheese by flipping a toaster on its side

· To cook stuffed peppers, place them in a large muffin tin

· Putting an egg in water can tell you if it’s fresh (fresh eggs go to the bottom, stale eggs float)

· Clean your wooden chopping board with Kosher salt and lemon juice

· Wipe white vinegar on your chopping board to prevent your eyes from watering from cutting onions

· Separate bananas from their bunch to prevent them from ripening too fast

The Rest of the House

· Paint keys with nail polish to differentiate them

· Install a coat rack at the bottom of the wall to store shoes

· Line cat litter trays with a garbage bag for quick disposal

· When drilling a hole in the wall, use a Post-It note underneath to catch dust

· Use a corkboard to organize jewelry so you can see it all laid out

· Puncture the cap of a used milk bottle and use it as a watering can

· A squeegee is great for removing pet hair from carpeting and furniture

· Label power cords with bread tags to keep them straight

· Try WD-40 to remove crayon marks on any surface

· A lint roller is a great way to clean the bottom of a handbag

· Place a dry towel in the dryer with your wet clothes to reduce drying time

· Ice cubes can help remove indentations from furniture on carpet

· Try using a toothpick on tape rolls to prevent them from sticking to the roll

· Eliminate furniture scratches by rubbing a walnut on damaged areas

Rochester Bath Remodeling can help you get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call today at 585-381-1320 to learn more about what we can do for you.

How to Choose the Ultimate Bathroom Layout for Function and Style

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In many homes, bathrooms are simply utilitarian spaces designed for basic function with no real thought to ambiance or style. A bathroom is typically a small space, after all, and that makes it less interesting to design, right? Maybe not! If you have the opportunity to renovate your bathroom, you can look at it as an opportunity to optimize a small space and bring your own style to an overlooked area. How will you create your bathroom layout?

  • Align your bathroom fixtures in a way that maximizes space. By putting the largest piece, probably the bathtub, furthest away from the entry with the other fixtures getting progressively smaller, you create a sense of space that makes the room seem larger. Be aware of door placement, and align all the pieces in a way that creates a functional pathway.

  • Anchor the room with the tub/shower, and place the sink near the door. Putting the tub and or shower at the end of the room wall to wall has the effect of visually stretching the wall. It’s customary to put the sink nearest the door so the mirror is the first thing seen when the door is opened.

  • Consider the shape of your bathroom. Is it long and thin, short and wide, square or L-shaped? Each shape has its own challenges for designing a bathroom layout, but the L-shape is perhaps the easiest to manage because there are many different options. In a long, narrow bathroom, the best option is to put all of the fixtures along one wall, which leaves a path and is cost-effective, because everything is on one pipe. In a short, wide bathroom, the entrance may be to one side, or it may be in the middle of the widest wall. The placement of the door largely determines the layout. If the door is in the middle of the bathroom wall, it gives the option of putting the tub and toilet on opposite sides of the sink. A square bathroom can offer a surprising variety of layouts depending on the placement of the door and whether or not there is a window. You can set it up as in other bathroom layouts, with the tub at one end and the other fixtures aligned along one wall, or you have the option of dividing fixtures along opposite walls.

  • Make the most of the visual impact. If instead of a separate shower floor, you use the bathroom floor bounded by a shower screen, it creates a simpler bathroom layout and a sense of continuity. If you use a clear shower enclosure rather than frosted glass or a shower curtain, it gives a clearer line of sight and makes the bathroom appear larger. Use your tile and design choices to draw the eye where you want it to rest.

At Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling, we specialize in full bathroom updates. We can help you choose the perfect bathroom layout by visiting your home, evaluating your current bathroom, listening to what you have to say, and using our expertise to help you design the bathroom that’s right for you and your home. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics, but offer competitive pricing and take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. To learn more, call 585-381-1320 or visit our showroom at 180 Despatch Drive, East Rochester, NY 14445.

Make your Backsplash a Standout with the right Tile Shapes

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen and you want to create a striking backsplash, you might think your best option is subway tile. While that is certainly an attractive choice, there are many other shapes that are more visually interesting but still have the same strong impact. At Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling, we have a wide variety of tile shapes and colors, and our experts can help you create the perfect kitchen backsplash.

  • Choose a strong geometric pattern. There are some beautiful designs on the market whether you’re going for traditional hexagons, diamonds, triangles or circles, or a more unusual shape, like the half hexagon, the Moroccan-inspired Ogee drop, or the visually impactful chaine homme pattern. In our showroom, we have many options and can help you find the shape that speaks to you.

  • Make an impact through your choice of grout. If you’re using white tile, you can create an elegantly subtle look by using all white grout or choose a dark grout to make your tile stand out. There are almost as many grout options as there are tile patterns, so your choices are really only limited by your imagination.

  • If you decide to go with subway tile, think outside the straight lines. You might choose to create a pattern interspersing square tile in with your subway tile. On the other hand, if you’re set on only subway, you can still make something interesting by changing the layout from the traditional straight rows into perhaps a basket weave or herringbone pattern. Just remember, in a kitchen backsplash, symmetry is important for a harmonious look.

  • Add interest with a border. With white tile, a black border can be a striking option. Whichever color you choose, you can draw the eye by putting a complementary or contrasting color into the pattern or using it as a border.

At Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling, we help create custom kitchens that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our showroom features a wide variety of tile shapes and styles, and we will visit your home and listen to your ideas in order to help you find the best options for your kitchen renovation. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics but offer competitive pricing and take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. To learn more call 585-381-1320 or visit our showroom at 180 Despatch Drive, East Rochester, NY 14445.

Remodeling Your Home for The Holidays

As the holiday season gets closer, give yourself the gift of that remodeling project you’ve been wanting but have been putting off. Because the job can seem like a large undertaking, many homeowners push it back and aren’t sure when the best time of year for remodeling is. Read on to find out why the end of the year may, in fact, be the best time for that kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

One reason that it’s important to remodel in time for the holidays is that you may be hosting friends and family. An updated kitchen can give you plenty of room to prepare and serve those holidays meals and spend more time with your loved ones.

Does your bathroom need a bit of a face lift as well? A newly remodeled bathroom will make your guests feel at home and you’ll be much more comfortable and confident for years to come.

Keep in mind that a remodeling project won’t happen overnight, so the time to act is now. You’ll need to time plan the remodel and hire a professional to do the job right. Give us a call now to ensure it gets done in a timely manner and before your guests arrive.

If you want your kitchen or bathroom remodeled in time for the holidays, don’t delay, contact Rochester Bath Remodeling today. We are proud to offer custom bathrooms and kitchens in Rochester, New York. Don’t put it off for another year, schedule a free estimate and consultation today by calling 585-381-1320.

8 Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Consider

Colorful kitchen cabinets can go a long way in determining the look and feel of your entire kitchen. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget to update your cabinet color as well. You certainly aren’t stuck with the color of your current cabinets, as there are many variations available to choose from. The following eight kitchen cabinet colors are just some of the popular choices you should consider.

  • Soft Yellow – Add some instant warmth to your kitchen with a soft or buttery yellow, which pairs great with stained wood countertops or touches of white.
  • Light Gray – A neutral and more traditional color, light gray pairs great with white or black countertops. Warmer shades of gray provide a casual, clean, and comfortable environment.
  • Black – A nice, elegant black adds some sophistication to your kitchen. Black cabinets can easily be paired with several colors of countertops including popular choices like stained wood or light colored stone.
  • Ocean Blue – Bring a coastal comfort to your kitchen with ocean blue, which pairs with butcher block countertops and virtually any type of appliances.
  • Bright Red – A bright, fire engine red can make a bold statement. This color will blend well with black or white countertops and silver stainless steel appliances.
  • Orange – Bright orange pairs well with black countertops, just think Halloween colors. It also goes well with any shade of gray. You’ll likely be saying orange ya glad I chose it?
  • Green – Soft greens pair well with just about anything and provide a welcoming and casual feel. They look great with stained wood countertops or shades of white.
  • White – A traditional white can give you a clean look that won’t go out of style and is best paired with white marble or butcher block countertops.

If you want your kitchen or countertops remodeled, call Rochester Bath Remodeling at 585-381-1320.

6 of the Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

If you’re tired of your non-functional kitchen that doesn’t give you enough space to work with, you aren’t alone. The good news is that you don’t have to live with whatever kitchen originally came with your home. A custom kitchen can be designed however you prefer, but you should first know a bit about these popular kitchen layout types.

One-Wall - This style can also be referred to as a Pullman kitchen and is most popular in smaller homes such as lofts or studios. Almost all of the kitchen’s appliances and cabinets are located on a single wall to save space. More modern one-wall kitchens also include an island which adds functionality.

Galley - This option can be a bit larger than a one-wall kitchen, and is designed for only one cook at a time. This walk-through kitchen features two walls or countertops opposite from each other and avoids corner cabinets.

L-Shape - This kitchen design maximizes corner space and features countertops on adjoining walls that form an “L” shape. The design of this kitchen allows for efficient traffic flow but is not always ideal if you want to add an island.

Horseshoe - Also called a U-shaped kitchen, this layout features three walls of cabinets and appliances. Most often modern designs incorporate an island into the third side and the horseshoe design allows for more than one cook in the kitchen.

Island - A kitchen island provides plenty of work surface as well as cabinets for storage and appliances. The island can be paired with stools to provide a place to eat, and can even include a sink or other features like a wine cooler. Islands are a great kitchen feature, but you’ll need to be sure you have plenty of room for one.

Peninsula - This style is similar to an island kitchen, but is connected which is where it gets its name. They can be more practical if your kitchen isn’t big enough to support a large island, but still offer plenty of room to work with.

Give Rochester Bath & Kitchen Remodeling a call today at 585-381-1320 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Popular Bathtub and Shower Options

Taking a bath or a shower is a part of our everyday routine, but it should also be enjoyable. When purchasing a home, you often don’t have a choice as to what type of shower or tub option you prefer. Sometimes the fact that a home only has a shower and not a bathtub or vice versa can be a deal breaker for a prospective home buyer.

While the basic options for bathing remain standing showers, bathtubs, shower/tub combos, or a separate shower and bathtub, there are also many varieties of each type to choose from. The following are some popular bathtub options to choose from:

  • Alcove – One of the most popular styles of bathtubs, the alcove only has one finished side and is often part of a shower/tub combo.
  • Freestanding – This type of tub is most often the centerpiece of the bathroom and can be quite elegant and provide a good soaking option similar to a hot tub.
  • Corner – The triangular shape of a corner bathtub is designed to not take up too much space in a smaller bathroom.
  • Walk-In Tubs – These tubs are ideal for relaxation and soaking. They are designed to make entry easy and the door locks when the tub starts to fill.
  • Shower/Tub Combo – This is a great space saver and is the preferred option if you have members of the family that want the ability to take a bath or a shower.

If you have a bathtub in your home but would prefer a shower, you don’t have to have your bathroom completely remodeled. A tub-to-shower conversion can be performed by the professionals at Rochester Bath & Kitchen Remodeling. Best of all, there are plenty of options to choose from including wall colors, base colors, and accessories. Call us today at 585-381-1320 for a free estimate.

Five Must Have Shower Accessories

Sometimes taking a shower is like going to visit your relatives for the holidays; you just want to get in and get out quickly. Showers can also be a refreshing experience and help you begin or end your day in a relaxing way. If your showers seem to be lacking, try some of these must have shower accessories.

There are plenty of unnecessary shower gadgets such as a shower curtain with a waterproof slot to let you check your email on a tablet and a wireless Bluetooth-speaker that lets you take phone calls. Hopefully, your business can wait until you are out of the shower and get into the office, but there are plenty of other, more practical shower accessories to enhance your daily experience.

5. Speakers – If you enjoy singing in the shower or just rocking out to some tunes, there are plenty of waterproof speakers available. Many use Bluetooth technology, just be sure to leave your phone far enough away so it doesn’t get wet.

4. Thermostat Control Valve – This may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but you can eliminate the guessing game of having water that is too hot or too cold. You can find the perfect water temperature for you, and you can leave the valve on your desired setting so you don’t have to mess with it each day.

3. Magnetic Shampoo Holders – Eliminate clutter and having to set things on the ledge of your bathtub. A magnetic holder can store shampoo, soap, or any other products you need for your daily routine.

2. Shower Caddy – If a magnetic holder isn’t your speed, an old fashioned shower caddy can help you save space and keep all your shower stuff handy. There are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

1. Waterproof Clock – If you’re rushed every morning, you can purchase a waterproof clock that uses a suction cup to stick to the wall of your shower.

Rochester Bath Remodeling can convert your bathtub into a luxurious shower with plenty of space to keep all your new shower accessories. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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